About Us

Representing 'Brexpats'

Statement of Purpose:
'To bring together the 1.2 million expats in continental Europe and the continental European citizens living in the UK to address their concerns during and post Brexit around issues such as: healthcare, pensions, property, education, telecommunications, travel, legal matters, dual nationality relationships and other areas where they will be affected on Britain exiting the European Union'  

Supporting the Brexpats All-Party Parliamentary Group

Supporting the Brexpats All Party Parliamentary Group

Co-Chair      Nigel Evans MP
Co-Chair      Baroness Prosser OBE
Vice-Chair   Lord Collins of Highbury
Vice-Chair   Cheryl Gillan MP
Vice-Chair   John Grogan MP
Vice-Chair   Lord Oates
Vice-Chair   Sammy Wilson MP

Inaugural  AGM: 1245, Sept 13th, Macmillan Room, House of Commons SW1A 0AA

We will be joined by Hilary Benn MP, Chair of the Select Committee on exiting the European Union, who will give us an overview of where we are with regards to Brexit.  There will be an opportunity for Questions and Answers.

Inaugural AGM

Will be held in the House of Parliament, March 28th, 11am in Room O
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